Gongs and Cymbals

Steve started metal crafting in Scandinavia in 1990 mainly to create some instruments for himself as at that time gongs were hard to find and were very expensive so Steve started hammering various metals cut into discs and within 2 years, some of Scandinavia’s best musicians were playing his creations including Paolo Vinaccia. Marilyn Mazur. Auden Kleive. Knut Finsrud. P O Jorgens and many more.In the early 1990’s I had a dream of a drummer on a mountain playing an otherworldly drums/percussion set and instead of a ride cymbal was a living bronze Dragons wing and he was playing this and it was a magical sound and people were going into trance. It took me some time and experimentation to translate this into a cymbal sculpture and in fact was the prototype for my inventing and pioneering cymbal and gong sculptures in the early 1990’s

Vintage Hubback Ride
Seven Star Gong Sculpture.

1st Cymbal Steve Hubback created in USA during Massart residency in Boston November 2023.This is a 16″ Bronze Ride/Crash

16″ Ride/crash 1st Hubback cymbal created in USA 2023.