Extract from new cd The Glow Within by Nadia Birkenstock and Steve Hubback

“Acoustic landscapes to an imaginary movie”
Jazz Podium 11/2013

Sparkling and shimmering, harp and dulcimer cascading over gong and psaltery tones. A delicate dance-like melody ensues, metamorphosing into a more complex improvised section. Harp notes hover between brilliant gongs and cymbals, borne along by a velvety bass drum When Nadia Birkenstock and Steve Hubback weave their tonal fabric, they create soundscapes in which you can fully immerse yourself because there is so much to see and hear. The new album combines celtic harp and vocals with gongs, cymbals, hammered dulcimer and percussion. 16 Tracks including traditional celtic music and original compositions, wrapped up in a beautiful digipack, lyrics included.