2015. Metalkymist. Metal Moves.

2015. Dvalend In Schadow Tijd. Hiernaermaels. Pravdada. Special Edition CD.
10986677_848979371841384_7034472866392026029_n.jpg LRES

2013. The Glow Within. Nadia Birkenstock and Steve Hubback. Laika.

2012. Dvalend In Schadow Tijd. Hiernaermaels. Pravdada. LP


2012. Nine Lamps. Metal Moves. FMR.

2011. One Foot Moving. Frode Gjerstad and Steve Hubback. FMR Records

2010. Arrows. Steve Hubback and Ad Peijnenburg. FMR Records.

2008. Brave New Wales compilation -Steve Hubback. Fourier Transform

2006. Elemental Forces. Cipher – Burning Shed.

2006. Ambiance de la Cave a Vin. Steve Hubback.
(Solo gongs and stainless sculpture) Utech Records USA.

2006. Wonderous Sounds. Steve Hubback and Erik Qvick. FMR

2005. Trees, Rocks and Ravens – solo percussion. Utech Records

2005. ‘Off The Map’ Steve Hubback and Paal Nielsen Love. FMR.

2005. ‘Undraverk’ Festival CD featuring Z’ev, Metal Moves, Trevor Taylor
and Baschet Sculpture Sonores and Erik Qvick. FMR.

2005. ‘One Foot Moving’ Steve Hubback and Frode Gjerstad. Utech Records.

2003. ‘As Lit From Within’ Dirk Wachtelaers Vanishing Pictures. FMR.

2003. ‘and the earth moved’ Jörd Bifast FMR- Records.

2002. Kortrijk Percussion Project with Dirck Wachtelaer, Steve Hubback and
Trevor Taylor .FMR Records.

2001. ‘Best Kept Secret’ Steve Hubback – Solo percussion. – FMR Records.

2001. ‘Solar Sahara’ Recreator. FMR Records.

2001. ‘Percussion Profiles’ Book and CD by Michael Bettine and Trevor Taylor.
Soundworld Publishing. Featuring 25 of the worlds most creative percussionists.
Gregg Bendian, Paul Burwell, Paul Clarvis, Alex Cline, Ensemble Bash, Pierre Favre,
Evelyn Glennie, Fritz Hauser, Gerry Hemmingway, Steve Hubback, Terje Isungset,
Shannon Jackson. Le Quan Ninh,Paul Lytton, Marilyn Mazur, Paul Motion,
Gunter Muller, Tony Oxley, Frank Perry, Gino Robair, Robyn Schulkowksy,
Gunter Sommer, Fredy Studer, Paul Wertico and Dirk Wachtelaer.

2001. ‘Sound Sculpture Vol 1′ Hugh Davies, Max Eastley, Hans Karsten Raecke,
Steve Hubback,Derek Shiel, Alan Lamb, Chas Smith, Baschet Brothers, Harry Partch. – FMR Records.

2001. ‘And Other Stuff’. Steve Hubback and Ad Peijnenburg. – FMR Records.

2000. ‘Demystify’ Frode Gjerstad and Steve Hubback. – FMR Records.

2000. ‘Runecarver’ Metal Moves. – FMR Records.

1995. ‘Forge’ Tony Moore and Steve Hubback. – Spoof Recordings.

1994. ‘The Quest’ Steve Hubback, solo. – Spoof Recordings.

1990. ‘Nocturnal Activities’ It’s My Head. – Urania.

1989. ‘Joy Of Life’ It’s My Head. – Urania.

1988. Cold Winds – Dream police with Johnny Concrete.

1988. Tabor – Atlantis Transit. – Olufsen Records.

1987. It’s My Head – IMH. – Urania.

1986. ‘Be Alright When I’m Dead’ Solo. – Dossier Records.